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More Than Basketball

Team White takes the lessons learned on the court to the classroom - to help younger children with their attention in the classroom and working on things even when they are difficult upon their first attempt.

Spending just a little time with children at Hanford Dole Elementary can have a big impact - on the elementary school students and also on the student athletes who are there to help.

“Sometimes schoolwork can be hard - rather than get angry and give up, it's important to push even harder, like we do on the court."

Members of Team White (formerly the Rowan Hurricanes) know what it means to work hard both on and off the court. And they have shared that work ethic with elementary school students at Hanford Dole Elementary, just outside of Salisbury, North Carolina.

A Teaching Moment

So many of my team members can see themselves in these young students, says Coach White. They know what it means to struggle to understand something new. And they've gotten in trouble for acting out in class or not showing a teacher the respect that they should. But they've grown so much! I'm excited to see them achieve in the classroom, at home, and on the court, and also to put God first in their lives. And I'm even more excited to see them mentoring to younger students - to lift them up and encourage them to do better.

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